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9.5 Electric Ways to Spark Your Sales

1. Make sure at least 80+% of your advertising budget is spent on targeted advertising instead of mass media marketing. Why waste money targeting non-customers when you can be converting prospects into customers?

2. Focusing on small details in your ad copy can increase your profits dramatically. Improving seemingly small details like text size, color, or graphics can really make a positive difference and can increase conversion rates.

3. Make your offers flexible so you don’t reject customers! Be creative: if you sell a product or service at a set price, try offering a payment plan for people that may not be able to afford it otherwise.

4. Offer bonuses to provide your customers more value for their dollar. You can package a 15 or 30 minute consultation with every sale to add value to your products/services.

5. Make your customers feel like you value them as a person. Personalize every email or text message with their name. This ensures the message gets read, and it also grabs their attention above all the other important messages they get through the day.

6. Keep your marketing messages on topic. You don’t want customers to get confused. If you sell apples, don’t have pictures of oranges on your website! Use pictures of apples on your website, letterhead, and business cards! Make your customers hungry for your product or service.

7. Attract additional customers to your website by offering free software, whitepapers, downloads, case studies and anything else that’s related to your business. Remember rule number 6!

8. If it makes sense, sell advertising on your blog. This will help provide your customers with services that they may be interested in and provide you with an alternate income stream. Most businesses will want to skip this one, but certain niches will find this invaluable.

9. Tell your customers what to do! Tell your customers what your business does, how it does it, and tell them to contact you today! Don’t just tell them how to contact you, command them to pick up the phone or send in an email right now!

9.5. You wouldn’t drive across the country without a map, so you shouldn’t start advertising your business without a marketing plan! Find places, business, and websites where your customers go, and put your message right where they can see it!

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