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Corporate Video Success

World Leading Supplier of American-made Plastic and Steel Valves

Media Type:
CD / Enhanced CD-ROM

Manufacturing: Gas Valves

Marketing—National Release New Product Launch

To introduce existing and prospective clients to the benefits of the client and the client’s new product line.  ArrowStarr was hired by the client’s Advertising Agency to develop an engaging 5-7 minute marketing video.  The project had to be accessible on multiple playback platforms - CD-ROM and Audio CD - that allows each sales rep to use as an introduction to prospects after an initial sales call or as a leave behind tool.

ArrowStarr shot footage in Pittsburgh, PA and flew to Mansura, LA to get background shots, the manufacturing plant and several interviews. The sales team also felt that they needed a message from upper management to speak to customers in the field, so ArrowStarr included a message from the highest ranking officer at the plant.

The final video demonstrated the client’s new product, showed the client’s facilities and manufacturing capabilities and gave an inviting message to viewers.

The ArrowStarr Solution:
Program assets included video segments, PowerPoint files, PDF documents and a web link. These assets were integrated into an intuitive interactive CD-ROM interface that delivered a powerful sequence of program material. In addition, the audio track from the video segments was converted to CD-Audio files for playback on a standard CD player.

Why Enhanced CD-ROM was the best media:
This unique application of CD technology capitalizes on the versatility and features of a comprehensive CD-ROM program, with the added accessibility of audio playback on standard CD-Audio players.

The sales team immediately requested and received copies of the project.  Prospective clients who had seen the informative production felt like they had visited the client’s headquarters, the manufacturing plant and thus, felt a closer ties to the personnel at the plant with whom they often spoke, but had no visual connection.  Results included new business development, increased revenue, enhanced market share and intensified name recognition.

The video re-energized the sales team and their independent sales reps in the field.  The content delivery allowed individual users to view materials that were most interesting to them and presented in the way that they wanted to view materials.  There was also an incentive to opening the video within a certain time period.  The incentive drove conversion rates 55% higher than previous sales programs.

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