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Medical Device Manufacturer/Hospital System Collaboration

Marketing—National Release-Health Education DVD.

Our challenge to develop an engaging 5-7 minute educational video to help patients understand the benefits of an established medical procedure performed by an established and respected medical institution using an ISO 14001 medical device.  With the use of several different vignettes and locations, patients told their histories and gave poignant testimony and related their experiences.

The project had to be accessible on DVD and VHS to reach the maximum number of patients and be useable in clinic waiting rooms.

ArrowStarr shot footage in hospital locations, clinic settings and home-like surroundings  to get background shots, b-roll and interviews.

The final video demonstrated the client’s new product, showed the client’s facilities and invited patients to call a direct line number where they could schedule an appointment.

The ArrowStarr Solution:
Program assets included video segments and a brochure. These assets were integrated into an intuitive interactive DVD.

Why DVD was the best media:
Volume of documents and video assets, plus search function and graphic elements required large capacity media.

The time that it previously took to telephone prospects and answer questions was significantly reduced.  The expectation about the procedure was realistic and patients felt as they knew the medical team as they were familiar in the video.  The credentials of the team validated why they were the hospital of choice and procedures are expected to increase by a minimum of 25%.

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