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Sales Video Success

Software Engineering Firm

Media Type:
CD / Enhanced CD-ROM

Software Automation

Sales Video

Produce an appealing sales video to introduce existing and prospective clients to the benefits of the Software Division’s new scheduling software products.

Since the  goal of the video was to promote the benefits of the product, ArrowStarr chose to use customer testimonials with strong ROI statements.

In one of the testimonials, we videotaped a leading yacht manufacturer on the west coast to share their many positive experiences with the software. ArrowStarr shot footage in Pittsburgh, PA and western U.S.  to get background shots, the yahct manufacturing plant and several interviews from key executives.

The video detailed how the yacht manufacturer’s facility utilized the software to streamline their processes.  ArrowStarr documented how the software helped to reduce production-scheduling conflicts, overruns, delays and downtime.  We illustrated how the softwared saved hundreds of man-hours and several hundred thousand dollars per unit of output.

The ArrowStarr Solution:
Program assets included a seven minute video, clickable animations, and a PDF brochure. These assets were integrated into an intuitive interactive CD-ROM interface.

The project demonstrated the client’s new products in video galeries, featured animations, showed the client’s facilities and manufacturing capabilities and gave confidence through testimonials.

Why Enhanced CD-ROM was the best media:
This unique application of CD technology capitalizes on the versatility and features of a comprehensive CD-ROM program.

Prospective clients who had seen the informative production felt like they had visited the client’s headquarters, the manufacturing plant and thus, felt closer ties to the personnel at the software firm with whom they often spoke, but previously had no visual connection.

Results included new business development, increased revenue, enhanced market share and intensified name recognition.  The sales team immediately requested and received copies of the project.  The video re-energized the sales team and their independent sales reps in the field.

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